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Live-TV Service Company is the official representative of the Kiloview trademark in Ukraine


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The Kiloview product range includes video encoders, video decoders and video converters. Kiloview products are of high quality and reliability and are designed to operate 24/7. Almost all equipment has versions for installation in telecommunication cabinets, some models have fasteners for on-camera installation. Supported protocols and technologies: NDI, NDI-HX, SRT, RTMP, RTSP, H264, H265, 4G, HD-HDMI, 4K-HDMI, 3G-SDI, 12G-SDI. Link to Kiloview official website:


Bonded encoders P1 and P2 series


Live broadcasting via 3G and 4G networks

In today's world, live broadcasting is a breeze thanks to innovative solutions such as cellular, which has many advantages over other broadcast methods, but you still have to carry bulky equipment that can restrict your movement when needed. .


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We use a standard and compact 4G video encoder to achieve the necessary high-speed video transmission over cellular, which does not require the use of any bulky equipment.



How it works?

It's a simple process, the video from your camera is sent to a multi-SIM video encoder to burst the data and forward it to our cloud server, where a video stream is created almost instantly and sent to the broadcast center or social media platform of your choice.

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The video stream is transmitted simultaneously through several 3G-4G networks to a cloud server. Flow control - through the WEB interface of the cloud server. From the cloud server, the stream can be sent to a receiver located in the TV channel's control room, or sent to any RTMP or SRT server.


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4G encoder

The signal from the camera or phone is sent to a 4G video encoder with built-in SIM cards. There is also Wi-Fi and wired network connectivity. The maximum number of connections to the Internet - 5 simultaneous connections to different networks.


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